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Recessed Down Lights

See your world in a better light.

Brightgreen produces premium LED lighting to enhance homes and commercial spaces. Our team of engineers is committed to user-driven design that improves our customers’ quality of life with minimal impact to the environment.

Our award-winning products offer Tru-Colour illumination - a mark of light quality that surpasses any other industry measurements. We design our products to last as long as possible, and proudly defy current business models of planned obsolescence and wasteful consumption. We are the proud creators of the world’s first LED downlight to match the brightness of a 50W halogen and the world's first square-beamed downlight.

Since the conception of our first prototype in the Perth backyard of brothers David and Barry O'Driscoll, Brightgreen has re-invented LED lighting both in Australia and internationally. And with each new innovation out of our Melbourne design hub and headquarters, the Brightgreen team remains committed to the simple notion that great design and sustainable technology should go hand-in-hand.